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Add Custom Paypal Button to a Page

To add a Paypal Buy Now button to a page you have created using our PAGES category, you need to create a custom button in Paypal, then insert that button into your page.

Create Paypal button with your pricing info

  • log in to your PayPal account
  • click on Profile (upper right)

  • select Profile and settings (if you have more than one available option)

  • click on My selling tools (left menu bar)

  • click on Update to the right of PayPal buttons | Manage my payment buttons.

  • click on Create new button (right menu bar)

  • follow the steps on their Create PayPal payment button screen

From here on, it is pretty much fill in the blanks. But the key is this:
For Item name, put in the name of the individual item.

  • once the form is completed, click on Create Button

  • click Select Code (below the Website tab)

  • copy the code (Ctrl+C)

Create your page.

For How To, see this FAQ:
How do I set up a custom Page?

Add PayPal code to your FASO Page

  • log in to FASO account control panel
  • click on More Categories (left column)
  • click on Pages (right column)
  • click on Edit to the right of the page you wish to edit
  • click on HTML (top edge of text box)

  • paste (Ctrl + V) in code (where you want button to appear)

Tip: Decide where in the text box you want the button - you may want to add some blank space or text to help you find this spot in the next steps, such as PUT BUTTON HERE (you will delete that text when done).

  • click Update
  • Save Changes

See related FAQ:
Add a Custom PayPal Button


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