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Add a Custom PayPal Button

Buy Now Buttons for Books or Workshops or DVDs

You can paste paypal generated code into a text editing screen. This is useful if you wish to have a button for a purpose OTHER than selling artwork (like selling a book, a workshop, a calendar, even commission fees).

Note: if you wish to sell artwork and offer multiple choice options (like for giclee prints in different sizes, or a painting framed or unframed), please see this FAQ:
Add a Buy Now Button with Multiple Choices

1st: create the button in your Paypal account

from PayPal's FAQ:
How do I add a PayPal payment button to my website?

  • log in to your PayPal account
  • click on Tools (top of the page)
  • select All Tools
  • Click PayPal buttons

  • Select a button type to create. 
  • Enter the item name and price.
    You can also customize the button with additional features
  • Once the form is completed, click Create Button

  • Click on the 'Select Code' button

  • copy the code provided by Paypal 

2nd: add the button code to the page on your website

  • log into FASO account control panel
  • go to the Editing screen for the page you want the button to appear on
  • click on HTML (top edge of text box)

  • OR click on the < > symbol

  • paste in code (where you want button to appear)
  • click Update (you should see the button now)
  • Save Changes

NOTE: PayPal now keeps a record of all your Custom Buttons so you can edit them or recreate them as needed.

For info on how to add custom multiple choice buttons to artwork, see this FAQ:
Add a Buy Now Button with Multiple Choices

For other related info, see this FAQ:
Add Custom Paypal Button to a Page


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