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Add a Buy Now Button with Multiple Choices

Custom PayPal button for various purchase options

You can create a custom PayPal button for a drop-down list of purchase options. This works great if you're selling prints of different sizes and types, greeting cards, etc.

Here's a real-life example (which is clickable):

See more:

Be Aware:

PayPal tends to change their steps regularly. We try to keep up, but if these don't work, please refer to PayPal's Help center. Also, they tell us that they have issues with Chrome and if you have PayPal trouble, try another browser.

Set Up your Button in Paypal

Click for Paypal's FAQ:
How do I add a PayPal payment button to my website?

  • Log in to your PayPal business account
  • Click App Center

  • Scroll down to Accept Payments
  • Click View All (on right)

  • Click the PayPal buttons tile

  • Click Get Started (blue button)
  • Click on the Add to Cart tile

  • For Choose a button type, select Shopping cart from the drop-down

  • Under Customize button, check Add drop-down menu with price/option (click for the Example)
  • Enter a name for Name of drop-down menu (ex.: "Colors," "Sizes") 
  • Fill in the info for your options. You can click Add another option if 3 isn't enough.

  • Click Done (yellow button)
  • Click Create Button (bottom left)

Wait a bit and you should get a screen like below, where you:

  • Click to Select Code and it should get highlighted like so:

  • Copy the code (CTRL/C)
    (Tip: Don't copy anything else until you've saved that code! Else you'll be crying in your soup.)

Key Points

Under Item name add the name of the individual work of art. (This field changes for each button created for each piece of artwork.)

Clicking Customize text or appearance allows you to use a smaller button, change language or user your own button image.

You can add shipping fees to your overall item fee (which is entered above in price).

Skip Step 2, if you do not need PayPal to track inventory.

Step 3 offers more advance features, such as adding special instructions such as 'Email address for jpeg', or to select Yes for your customer's shipping address.

Add the address of your FASO Works page (usually yourdomainname.com/works) in the next two blocks so that once the buyer checks out of PayPal, they are taken back to your website.

Happy Fact

PayPal saves your Custom Buttons so you can edit them or create similar ones later.

Add the Button Code to the Image

After you copy the PayPal code for your button, paste the code to your FASO artwork.

You can first add descriptive text about each image if you want, and a blurb like 'To purchase this image, click on Add to Cart for options.'

  • Log into FASO control panel
  • Click Artwork icon

  • Find your image
  • Click on the thumbnail image (far left column) or the word edit (far right column)
  • Scroll down to Description text box area 
  • click on HTML (top edge of text box)

  • Paste your PayPal code (CTRL/V) where you want button to appear
  • Click Update

  • Click Save Changes

(Whew, right?) 😎 

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