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Add a Buy Now Button with Multiple Choices

Here is the 'TUTORIAL' on how to set up a 'cart' in PayPal.

This will allow for purchasing of an item that has multiple choices (i.e. different print sizes, framed or unframed, prints and greeting cards). 

Set Up your Button in Paypal

  • log in to your PayPal account
  • click on Profile (upper right)

  • select Profile and settings (if you have more than one available option)

  • click on My selling tools (left menu bar)

  • click on Update to the right of PayPal buttons | Manage my payment buttons.

  • click on Create new button (right menu bar)

  • follow the steps on their Create PayPal payment button screen
    Fill in requested info

From here on, it's pretty much fill in the blanks. 

The final step in the process is to:

  • click on 'Create Button'

  • Click on the 'Select Code' button

  • Copy the code (ctrl/C)

Key Points

Under 'Item name' you need to put in the name of the individual work of art. (This is the one field that absolutely changes for each button created for each piece of artwork.)

The next key bit of design comes at the Customize Button area. By selecting 'Add drop down menu with price/option' you can add three (or more, as a 'add fourth' option pops up).

Clicking on 'Customize Appearance' allows you to select from two sizes of buttons, a large button or a small button. 

You can add shipping fees to your overall item fee (which is entered above in '....price/option').

Skip Step 2, if you do not need PayPal to track inventory.

Step 3:
Options for quantities is up to the user.

For special instructions, add something like, 'Email address for jpeg', and select 'yes' for shipping address.

Add the address of your FASO portfolio page (often the url is yourdomainname.com/works) in the next two blocks so that once the buyer checks out of PayPal, they are taken back to your website.

PayPal keeps a record of all your Custom Buttons so you can edit them or create similar buttons as needed.

Add the Button Code to the Image

Once you have copied the PayPal code for your button, you need to add the code to your FASO item. 

You can add descriptive text about each image first, then a blurb about 'If you would like to purchase this image, click on the Buy Now button and select your option.'

  • log into FASO account control panel
  • click Artwork icon

  • locate your image
  • click on the thumbnail image (far left column) or the word edit (far right column)
  • scroll down to Description text box area 
  • click on HTML (top edge of text box)

  • paste in code (where you want button to appear)
  • click Update (you should see the button now)
  • click Save Changes



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