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Can I hide a collection?

To keep a collection from showing on your site:

  • login to your FASO Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click Add/Edit Collections

  • click the blue pencil Edit icon to the right of the collection you wish to hide

  • click the Details tab
  • for Unlisted Collectioncheck Yes
  • click Save

This will hide the collection from your Works/collections overview page such as:

The collection may still be found by search engines. One can't hide from Google it seems.


This will not automatically remove a collection from your navigation bar. To edit your Nav Bar, see:
Manage Your Site Menu / Edit Navigation Bar

This can come in handy if, say, you have 3 collections of paintings and 1 of sculpture. You'd put Sculpture in its own category on your Nav Bar/Site Menu, and use the settings above so it won't pop up with Paintings.

See this FAQ:
Link Directly to Individual Collections in Navigation Bar

Or perhaps you want to share the progression of a commissioned piece with a collector.

You may also benefit from this FAQ:
What is the difference between Categories and Collections?

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