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International Shipping & Limited Edition POD Orders

If you wish to sell/ship POD prints internationally, consider the following option. 

This may also work for artists who want to sign POD prints before getting the print into the buyer's hands.


1. A collector orders a print from your website (not through POD) and is charged appropriate shipping during check out (using PayPal or Stripe).
NOTE: POD Sales are only available through Stripe.

2. You, the artist, place a POD order (using Stripe for payment) for the requested artwork, size and substrate.

3. POD print is shipped to you, the artist.

4. You, the artist, print shipping label to the international address and send the POD piece on its way.

Required Set Up

1. You, the artist, will set up international shipping parameters within FASO, PayPal and/or Stripe, so that the actual shipping charges are collected upon checkout. Ahead of time, you will need to know the LxWxH dimensions plus weight of the final box, crate, etc.

See these FAQs on how to add Shipping Charges:

2. Set up a hidden collection with POD images that you will order and send to yourself. For simplicity, limit to 2 sizes. The same sizes that will be listed with the website artwork.  Set price to .01 (so that you essentially get the print at cost + domestic shipping).

2a. Decide ahead of time which images, substrates, and print sizes to add to the hidden collection. 

3. Add a Public Collection for “International Print Collectors” or use a similar name.

3a. Add artwork images and details. 
To keep it simple, limit to 2 size/substrate combos, using the Retail and Framed dimensions and prices.  Choose 2 substrates from the POD options, and add to custom substrates.

3b. Include description notes about how long it may take to arrive at the final destination. 
You will want to consider:

  • the time it will take to receive the website order and the processor payment
  • manually order the print from the hidden POD collection
  • receive it from the printer
  • add more packing if necessary for an international journey
  • print international shipping label
  • get the package in the carrier’s hands  

The specifics of the timeline need not be listed in your artwork description.

Size and Weight

Small to Medium rolled prints up to 16 x 20" will be shipped in a 18x4x4 package, weighing 1 pound.

Large rolled prints:

  • 30 x 40",  36x4x4, 2lbs.
  • 24 x 36", 28x4x4, 1lb.

These sizes and weights are for 1 rolled print per package.

Shipping Labels

A return address is required when shipping a package to any destination. 

To avoid sharing your address, you can set up a PO Box or use a service that offers a “real street address” associated with your name. The street address will actually be that of the provider.  

Search your area for services that offer this feature.

UPS offers this service in some locations. We are not familiar with their feature but it is a good place to start. See UPS Mailboxes

NOTE: You will need to consult PayPal or Square Help/Support for details on adding or changing your address within their database.

NOTE: International FASO Artists

If you reside outside of the US, you can use POD, but you have to meet these requirements:

  • your website must sell in US Dollars (USD) 
  • you can only ship to US, Canada and Mexico
  • no sales tax certificate needed

Contact Support for assistance with this.


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